The Rebel Graves

The Confederate dead here buried in concentric trenches were all private soldiers.

The monument to their memory is of Georgia granite, stands forty feet from the ground to the top of statue and was erected in July, 1893, with funds mainly subscribed by liberal citizens of Chicago and Camps of the United Confederate Veterans.

The bronze panels of the pedestal die represent:
On the east face, -  THE CALL TO ARMS;
On the west face, -  A VETERANS RETURN HOME;
And on the south face, - A SOLDIER’S DEATH DREAM.

The bronze statue surmounting the battlemented cap of the column is a realistic representation of a Confederate Infantry soldier after the surrender. The face expresses sorrow for the thousands of prison dead interred beneath.

The cannon shot and shell ornamenting this Government lot, in which both Union and Confederate dead are buried, were furnished by the War Department under authority of an Act of Congress approved January 25th, 1895.

The tablet plaques that surround the base of the monument list the 4275 dead rebel prisoners of war by name, company and regiment.

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