The Jewish Cemetery
(Copied verbatim)

To The Mayor and Alderman of the
City of Chicago in Commoncil
Your Commity on Wharves and
Publick Gronds to whom the
Attached Order was referd; Your
Commity have had an Interview
with several of the Jews and have
went to the Grond and Examind
it and thay find 9/10 of an Acre North
of the Windmill Joining the North
East corner of the Cementry,
Your Commity would Report that
Thay have Agred with the Jews to
let them have the Grond here
Mentioned for the Some of $45.00
Your Commity Would further Report
that thay have Cald upon the
City Atorny to make out the
Comvaince (a quit Claim Deed)
wich he has don and wich is
herewith Presented and part of this

That the Mayor and Cleark
be ortherised to execute the Deed herewith
Presented to be delivard to the grantee
upon the Payment to the city Treasurer
of the consideration therein expressed
and take his receipt tharefore and by


Presenting the receipt to the Cleark for the
deed and the cleark deliver the same
over to the guaranteur grantee.

All Wich is Respectfully Submitted
March 4th 1846

Francis Edwards
Chirman Com. on Wharves & Public Gronds




(left side text)

Report of Com. Wharves & P. Grounds on the Petition of Jews for Burial Grounds.

(right side text)

Report of Com. on Wharves & Public Grounds, on Application of Jews for Cemetery.

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