The Jewish Cemetery

On March 4, 1846 for the price of $45, the City sold a 9/10-acre parcel of land to the first organized Jewish group in Chicago. This acreage, which was later reduced or described as a 6/7-acre parcel, was located "north of the Windmill joining the North East corner" of the cemetery, near the lake shore. The official land survey of the grounds, described in the Jewish Cemetery Plat section reveals the location to be within the area of the northern-most baseball diamond in today's Lincoln Park. The Jewish Cemetery remained private land within the park until the Lincoln Park Commissioners paid $8000 for the vacated cemetery grounds in November 1882.

This document is the first city record relating to a Jewish cemetery in Chicago.

In Common Council
Nov. 7, 1845.

Com. on Wharves and Public grounds were instructed to take the subject of the application of the Jews for the purchase of a piece of land, for a cemetery, into consideration, and if they deem it advisable, to direct a piece of land as applied for to be conveyed to the applicants.


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