This clipping from a Chicago newspaper is a transcribed ordinance relating to the City Sexton's duties. It was pasted to a Common Council file.

The text, an ordinance described as "Supplemental to an Ordinance amendatory to the Revised Ordinance passed on October 13, 1851", reveals the fluidity of the city's rules.

Changes to the published ordinance, which concerned the City Sexton, are noted in the margins of the document in the Council's file. Section 4 of the ordinance was omitted from the newspaper transcription.

(Transcriptions of notations on right--->>)


City Physician or Lieutenants of Police

the sum of


and to be approved of by the Council

except for paupers


except for paupers

four feet deep where the


Or his assistant



Justice or court havng Jurisdiction


Sec. 4         The city Sexton shall be entitled to ten per cent, on the purchase money of all lots in the Cemetery which may be sold during his term of office; and four dollars each for every body, which may be taken up and removed to the “potters field” by him, Provided that all expenses of such removal shall be borne by him; and that the compensation herein prescribed may at any time be diminished by the Common Council, in their discretion, by resolution

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