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This 1846 communication from the City Clerk speaks of the need for grubbing in the City Cemetery carriageways.

To the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Chicago in Common Council assembled -

Your Committee on Wharves & Public grounds, to whom the attached order was referred in the City Cemetery would respectfully report that they have had the subject under consideration, and deem it expedient to carry out the subject matter of the order - And therefore your Committee have employed a man for the purpose, and he is engaged in the work under the superintendence of the City Sexton -

All which is respectfully submitted

April 3, 1846

Richard C Ross
Chairman of
Com on
Wharves & Public

Common Council
March 28, 1846

It was Ordered,

That the Com. on Wharfs and Public Grounds be instructed to inquire into the expediency of employing a person to clear out and grub the Carriage ways and Alleys in the City Cemetery and do such other things as may be necessary, under the direction of the City Sexton, in and about said Cemetery.

City Clerk

Be it ordained by the City of Chicago in Common Council assembled:

Sec. 1         That the Cemetery Grounds belonging to the City of Chicago shall hereafter be placed under the immediate charge and supervision of the City Sexton whose duty it shall be to see that the same are kept in good order; and whenever in his judgment any improvements or repairs may be required therein it shall be his duty to report the same to the Common Council. Provided that the expenditures shall be made or liabilities incurred for the same, by him except, by order of the Council.—

Sec. 2         The City Clerk shall keep in his office a record Book in which shall be entered a description by their number of all the lots in the Cemetery, with columns ruled therein for the purpose, in which he shall enter the purchaser’s name and the date of sale, which entry shall be made by him in case of any sale hereafter made, at the time the deed is executed and delivered. It shall also be his duty to open an account with the Cemetery fund, in which all expenditures made by the Common Council in repairs and improvements in and upon the Cemetery Grounds, shall be charged, and all moneys received on account of any sales of lots therein, shall be credited.

Sec. 3         Whenever any person shall desire to purchase any one or more lots in the Cemetery he shall make application to the City Sexton or City Attorney, and upon the payment of the purchase money into the City treasury it shall be the duty of the City Attorney to prepare a deed for the same, which shall be signed by the Mayor of said City.


and attested by the Clerk under the Corporate Seal and delivered to the purchaser upon his filing with the said Clerk the treasurer receipt for the purchase money: Provided that in the case shall a deed be executed and delivered until the lot or lots therein described shall be paid for as herein provided.

Sec 4. The City Attorney shall be alloted a fee of fifty cents for every deed executed by him under the provisions of the Ordinance to be paid by the purchaser. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its passage.

An Ordinance concerning the Cemetery of the City of Chicago.

Passed, October 1846

These documents from the Common Council files detail the sexton's request, and subsequent rejection by the City, to fill a slough within the cemetery grounds.


Chicago, Jan 29. 1847.

To the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Chicago,
         The undersigned in behalf of Com. on Wharves and public grounds, to which was referred a communication of A.S. Bates containing a proposition to fill up the Slough in the Cemetery if the Common Council will deed him the property in the Slough, the lot upon which his vault is located and the fractional square adjoining thereto, having considered the proposition, would respectfully ask leave to report,

         That in their opinion there is no present necessity for filling the slough as it is now and has been in a suitable condition for use or at least so much of it is required for any public purpose; that if it should hereafter be thought necessary to fill it up it can be done by the City during the ensuing year at comparatively little expense and the City is already in debt to the Cemetery fund in an amount sufficient to meet the expense.

         For these & reasons your Committee are adverse to the proposition and would recommend its rejection.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

R.C. Ross

To the Mayor and Common Council of the city of Chicago         Greeting

                                       Your petitioner

would respectfully present to your hon. Body that the groun lying East of the Vault is nearly all a complete Slough and rendered Entirely useless for any purpose whatever and even worse than useless in as much as the water stands to a considerable depth for a great part of the year, and in as much as the funds belonging to the Cemetery will not for a long time be adequate to the filling of said Slough so as to abate the nuisance and render it useful, your petitioner would ask your attention the following propositions in relation to it which are as follows to wit.

I will fill up said Slough so as to make it fit to be used as a road or Street for the use of the Vault and the Cemetery provided the council will give me a deed of the lots the Vault stands on, and the fractional square joining on the north for a family burial lot, (and for no other purpose) and also a deed of the Slough between Said lots and the twenty foot street running north and south along the east side of the Cemetary.

For particulars as to dimentions See the annexed diagram as Surveyed by the City Surveyor.
Chicago, January 2 1847          A.S. Bates

(memo from Augustus S. Bates, cemetery sexton, copied verbatim)

Chicago Sept 18 1846

The Mayor & Council


Since April 1 1846 thare has Ben to the amount of three Hundred & Sixty five Dollars worth of lots Sold in the City Cemetry and from this Number Sold thare Has Ben one Hundred & twenty five Dollars Paid in, of this I have Paid into the Treasure & have his Recpt for & filed a Duplicate with the Clurk

I have on Hand 48 Deeds that have not ben Settled for which Number amounts to 240 Dollars the most of the Deeds on Hand will be Paid when the Deeds are Presented

for want of Time Since the Deeds wair mad out I have not Had time to collect themn but will before The Financial Report come out

Yours With Respect A.S. Bates
City Sexton




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