Grave Robbers  

  • 1844
  • 1851: Chicago Daily Journal
  • 1854: New York Daily News
  • 1867
  • 1872
  • 1878 Excerpt from a Doctor's Reminiscences

As part of Chicago Mayor, Augustus Garrett's Inaugural Address in 1844, he said this:

I regret to say that depredations have been committed, from time to time, by the disinterment of bodies from the cemetery, in the grossest violation of private feeling as well as of public decency. I would urge the most constant vigilance to prevent such occurrences for the future, and the offering of large rewards for the detection of the offenders.

See the entire speech here.






Chicago Daily Journal, May 23, 1851

REVOLTING. - Yesterday noon, a dog was
seen in the Alley, near the Post Office, drag-
ging a mutilated human arm. Upon exami-
nation, it appeared to be the arm of a woman.

It was in part, a horrible realizaiton of Byron's lines,

"And he saw the lean dogs beneath the wall,
Hold o'er the dead their carnival -
Gorging and growling o'er carcass and limb,
They were too busy to bark at him."

A crowd collected about it, and sundry
speculations were indulged, the majority of
them being, that the limb had come from some
dissecting room.


May 31, 1854

Chicago Daily Tribune, April 29, 1867

June 6, 1867

Chicago Tribune, March 3, 1872

Chicago Tribune, December 29, 1878

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