These three photographs of the Kennison boulder were made on 5x7" glass plate negatives on November 11, 1903, a month before the official dedication. These pictures, and others, from the collection of the Chicago History Museum, were produced by the Chicago Daily News. Other photographs from this newspaper can be seen here, on the American Memory Web Site of the Smithsonian Institution. Black and white photographs on this page reproduced courtesy of the Chicago History Museum.
Digital color photographs, bottom, were made in February 2007.
In 1935, the boulder was moved approximately one hundred feet north and it was turned to face Clark Street.
it had originally been set facing south. At that time, a flag pole was installed behind boulder. The pole mount remains in place behind the rock.

Some time after 1974, the monument was reset upon a concrete base, which today appears cracked from the weight of the boulder.
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