The Cemetery Fence

Ellis Smalley

Specifications to accompany Plans for Cemetery Fence.

Said Fence to be a Picket fence 8 feet high. Pickets 1 1/4 inches by 3 in placed 5 inches from center posts to be white and not less than 4 inches in diameter at top and 6 inches at bottom, and 8 feet from center. Rails 3x4 and 2x6 inches Lower Rail 3x4 14 inches from ground upper Rail spiked on top of Posts which are to be set 3 1/2 feet in ground and 6 1/2 above the general surface. Rails to be well spiked to Posts. Pickets well nailed to Rails with 20 nails, 4 in each Picket upper and to be pointed as per Plan.

There are also to be 4 gates in said fences one to be placed in center of Dearborn street. One at Clark street and two further north as directed all hung and trimmed with heavy wrot hinges hasps Locks &c- as per Plan Pickets to be secured. Clean Rail to be free from loose knot sap, &c. and in short all the materials to be of best quality specified and the work done in a good workmanlike manner.

The 4 Gates referred to above to be six dollars per Gate all complete.

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