Remaining Vestiges: Frances M. Pearce Memorial

Businessman Horatio O. Stone was one of the first City Cemetery lot holders to move his deceased family members to the new Rosehill Cemetery. As this newspaper item attests, the Frances M. Pearce memorial was an exceptional tribute in its own day.

Chicago Tribune, October 22, 1861

Nineteen year old Frances M. Pearce, and her ten month old baby Frances, died in 1854, within months of each other.

H.O. Stone commissioned this marble sculpture by Charles B. Ives, in his wife's and daughter's likenesses. The carving was completed in 1856, in Rome, Italy, and then shipped to Chicago, where it was placed upon the inscribed monument.

When this C.B. Ives sculpture was catalogued with an on-site description for the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture database, the date of the sculpture was inaccurately transcribed as 1866. Since that wrong date was recorded, Web Sites and other publications have repeated that incorrect information as fact. (See the Smithsonian record of this sculpture, here.)

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Among the many e-mailed responses I have received from people who have visited this Web Site, the most thrilling has been from photography collector John Graf, who sent me this image of a rare 1860s photograph from his collection.
It is presented here with his kind permission.
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