Audio Conversation: David Keene

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(The story of the iron coffin begins at the 18:50 mark of the recording.)


David Keene, President and Senior Archaeologist at Archaeological Research, Inc. He headed the team that excavated the Lincoln Park grounds for the new parking facility for the Chicago History Museum in 1998. In adddition to discussing the Lincoln Park project, he spoke of his work during the Dunning excavation in 1989. Among other functions, Dunning was the location of Chicago's second potter's field.

As part of our conversation, Keene described the ordeal he faced in trying to properly reinter the iron coffin from Lincoln Park. A video recording of the removal of the iron coffin from excavation site is presented at the right.

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During the excavation of this parking facility, the skeletal remains of eighty-one individuals were removed from the park grounds.

The remains were sent to Springfield, Illinois, where they are now artifacts in the collection of the Illinois State Museum's Research and Collection Center. Listen to my conversation with Dawn Cobb for more information about that agency.

David Keene worked on the excavation of the Dunning cemeteries. A three-acre parcel of the original grounds was established as a memorial to the dead who were buried there. In 1872, the City Cemetery reinterred the remains from the potter's field to this area. See more about Dunning in the context of this Hidden Truths project, here.
David Keene recorded and narrated this video of the removal of the iron coffin from Lincoln Park. He graciously allowed me to present it as part of this Hidden Truths project.

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