An act granting a lot of land to the town of Chicago for the burial of the dead.
Originated in the Senate.
J.B. Thomas Jr., Sec of Senate

Sec 1          Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly that the inhabitants of the town of Chicago under the direction of the President and Trustees of said town are hereby authorized and permitted to use a lot of Canal land, situated near the said town for a burial ground, being the East half of the South East quarter of section no. thirty three in township Number forty, Range fourteen east of the third municipal meridian Provided the President and Trustees of said town, will by an order to be entered upon the records of their proceedings, engage, and agree to pay to the State of Illinois, whatever sum the said land may be valued at by the agents of the State, whenever the State shall authorize a sale of the Canal lands in the vicinity of the town of Chicago, the said land to be valued at the same price of other Canal lands of a like quality and situation and without regard to the use to which it is appled.

Sec 2          When the land described in the foregoing section Shall be paid for and therein provided the title to the same shall be vested in the President and Trustees of the town of Chicago and their necessary persons, but the said Trustees shall not thereby acquire the right to sell, dispose of or lease the said land, or any part thereof, but the same shall forever remain for a public burying ground and shall never be used for any other purpose Provided That the Trustees may lay off a part thereof for the burial of the citizens of Chicago, and a part for the burial of strangers and transient persons and make such other subdivisions thereof, and may be deemed necessary to the public convenience.

James Samples
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Wm. H. Davidson
Speaker of the Senate