I am an artist who is interested in how things are not always as they appear. I am curious about the ways that images and places can represent layers of information. I have mostly articulated this interest through my response to found photographs and within my own photographic works. Also, in a recent web-based project, I investigated the visible space within an anonymous 19th-century photograph of an urban street corner. For that project, I researched and then constructed an Internet representation of a four-block area of New York City shown in the photograph, noticing details that revealed a rich story of that brief moment during the summer of 1898.

I am interested in stories. I am curious to see how stories sometimes become changed in their re-telling. This is my attempt to tell the story of the Chicago Cemetery, subsequently known as the City Cemetery, then the Old Cemetery, then Lincoln Park.  By examining the early days’ accounts in Chicago’s city records, continuing with a detailed search of historical newspaper articles, and ending with contemporary website explorations, the written history exposed an ever-changing understanding of this landscape. This Web Site is my attempt to reveal the hidden stories that have obscured our contemporary understanding of the history of a 50-acre plot of land.

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